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Urban Garden San Antonio Texas

What We Do

Texas Green Bee provides eco-friendly garden solutions to organizations, businesses, & homeowners throughout San Antonio with sustainability in mind. This includes garden design, community garden setup, culinary & gardening classes, and more! Check out our full list of services below or click the button to see our project before & afters.


Medicinal & Culinary Farming Example

Medicinal & Culinary Gardening

Integrating edible plants into your landscape is an easy way to add sustainability to your garden. Nothing tastes fresher than when it comes out of your own garden!

Regenerative Landscaping for homes

Regenerative Landscaping

It is always best practice to plant what is harmonious with your environment. Regenerative agriculture provides increased biodiversity & long-term resilience to your landscaping efforts.



Several plants in a Vertical Garden

Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens are a great way to pack a lot of produce in a limited space. We provide installation and maintenance for vertical gardens as well as consultations for those who wish to implement this urban farming technique.

Rainwater harvesting device in garden

Water Catchment Systems

Rainwater harvesting is a great way to capture natural resources and use them for your landscape. We offer water catchment system installations that blend in with your existing garden or as part of a new landscape design.

Several vegetables for a Permaculture Ecosytems

Permaculture Ecosystems

Permaculture focuses on natural design and provides a foundation for a garden environment that essentially takes care of itself. Each plant provides a certain function & each component takes care of its surrounding neighbors.

Hydroponic Garden on Bambo Fence

Hydroponic | Aquaponic | Areoponic Gardening

Another great strategy for smaller spaces, these techniques provide a solution for those without the room for traditional gardens or limited resources for garden maintenance. 

areating soil for Organic Turf Management

Organic Turf Management

Green grass can be achieved without the use of harsh fertilizers or chemical additives. We offer soil conditioning, aeration, & organic solutions for lawn care utilizing no-till practices.

Planting an herb for a Garden Installation

Installation & Management Services

Texas Green Bee provides installation & management services for any of the above garden or landscape configurations with a focus on organic pest treatment, sustainable systems, and maximum yield for the space.



Two people planting a flower in a Gardening Class

Garden & Culinary Classes 

Available for kids & adults alike, our culinary classes aim to teach how to grow your own food & incorporate your greens into healthy meals for the whole family. A great gift for the foodie in your life or someone who aspires to a sustainable lifestyle.

Garden & Greenhouse at home

Gardens & Greenhouses for Your Home

Like businesses, homeowners can take advantage of fresh produce and herbs year-round with our Garden & Greenhouse installation services. We can get you off to a great start on your culinary journey at home.

Chef in Garden harvesting veggies

Gardens & Greenhouses for Your Business

A wonderful way to teach your employees about sustainability, Texas Green Bee offer the installation and maintenance of gardens & greenhouses for any sized business. We have several restaurants that use are services to provide quality produce for their patrons.

Gardening Consultation inside of a greenhouse

Consulting Services

Want to DIY the project but don't know where to start? We offer consulting services for any business or homeowner who would like to start their own garden. Just reach out to us to get started.

Ready to get started on your gardening journey?

We are passionate about helping San Antonians with their urban gardens and want to bring attention to sustainable solutions for food desserts in our area. Click the button below to get in touch with our team to discuss your project. 

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